Helping Protect Pan One Case at a Time

Sarah’s Professional Pancase Centre 

Founded by Jennifer Moore in 1995, Sarah’s Professional Pancase Centre has been manufacturing pan cases for over 25 years.

The firm’s founder was initially focused on upholstery work but then channelled her creativity into the part of upholstery that she did love – making steelpan cases. She went into business with her partner, Winston Johnson, at a small factory on the Eastern Main Road in Petit Bourg, San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago.

Moore and Johnson make cases and covers for any type and size of steelpan, including the G pan, as well as other steelband accoutrements, including small drums and iron rings.

Since its existence Sarah’s Professional Pancase have become renowned in the steelpan fraternity for both the quality of its pan cases and the innovativeness of its product line.

Many a customer will attest to the long-lasting nature of the firm’s cases and the continuous innovations and improvements that have rolled off of their production line like pan backpacks, pan covers, full separating pan cases, flag pan cases and the list goes on.